Berries are widely known to contain a multitude of health promoting compounds. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for high quality, trustworthy berry products to boost the amount of healthy nutrients in the daily diet. BerryShield berry powders are manufactured with the innovative BerryShield Technology that protectively envelopes all the important delicate berry components that are otherwise destroyed very fast in conventionally processed products. We know and understand our berries at a very deep level. With a novel combination of analytical methods including HPLC, polyphenol and anthocyanin analysis, Asiros Nordic delivers unsurpassed berry powder quality.

BerryShieldTM Technology a solvent-free protective processing method

Increased diversity of berry nutrients Protection of bioactive compounds such as polyphenols including flavonoids.
  • Improved and durable taste and color
  • Increased heat and pH-resistance
  • Very high berry content from concentrate
  • Ultra-gentle vacuumbelt drying
  • The BerryShield matrix gently wraps and protects all berry components.The BerryShield Technology can be applied to all types of berries.

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  • BerryShield Tart Cherry
  • BerryShield Elderberry
  • BerryShield Redcurrant
  • BerryShield Blackcurrant
  • BerryShield Aronia
  • BerryShield Bilberry
  • BerryShield Strawberry
  • BerryShield Lingonberry
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  • BerryShield Concentrate Powders are made from a mixture of concentrate and starch, protected by the BerryShield matrix.

    The matrix protects the color against pH and heat degradation.

    BerryShield Premium Powders is a highly concetrated berry powder with the Probiotic effect from Sunfiber.

    BerryShield Tart Cherry Extract is standardized Tart Cherry product containing 1% proanthocyanin and 10% plyphenol.

    BerryShield Elderbeerry Extract is a standardized Elderberry product containing 7% anthocyanins.

Full Berry Profile

Why settle for less, when you can get the full package of berry nutrients protected better than ever before? Berries are very healthy due to the complex content of bioactive berry polyphenols and other nutrients. Single compounds such as anthocyanins are not sufficient to obtain full berry bioactivity. The broad profile of bioactive compounds is the backbone of the superior BerryShield products. The BerryShield Technology conserves the broad berry nutrient profile during powder processing and shields the nutrients from break-down

Berryshield Applications

With BerryShield powders you get the whole range of nutrients in an ultra-protected form enabling sustained taste and color and an improved application range relevant in nutritional food, health supplements and food & beverage. Some berries are known for their content of specific physiologically active compounds, e.g. melatonin and polyphenols. With impressive benchmarking and high content of a mixture of important bioactive compounds, BerryShield is the optimal choice for a supplement whether as capsules, tablets, sachets or as an ingredient in mixes such as protein powder or restricted calorie powder. Single or mixed berry powders used directly by the health-conscious consumer. Easy to mix into smoothies, bakery and other homemade recipes – a smart and tasty way to increase berry consumption.